Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get your product in my state?

Yes! We ship to all 50 states, including DC.

How do I order multiple bags?

The way our system is set up is that you will have to place an individual order for each bag. If you wish to purchase more than 1 bag, please place an order for each bag.

If I order online, can I pick it up in person in Lafayette?

No, orders placed online are not held at our location in Lafayette. If you want to come in and buy some at the in-store price, you are free to do so, but orders placed online are separate and not held for pickup. For any questions, please call us.

When will my order arrive?

We ship once a week on a rolling basis. You will receive your order the week after your order is placed. We will send you an email when your bacon has shipped! The bacon is not in transit during that time; when we ship out all of the bacon, you will receive it by the end of that week.